875th Battalion Returns to Jonesboro

September 14th, 2005-- Posted at 6:45 p.m. CDT


Jonesboro, AR--Today the 875th Engineering Battallion returned from duty in Mississippi. The troops left three weeks ago on a mission to help clean up one of the counties devastated by Hurricane Katrina.


"If you can imagine a path 300 miles wide of a tornado then that's approximately what they in souther Alabama and Mississippi where we were," said First Sargeant Kersey of the 875th Battalion.

This is one of the first times the Arkansas National Guard has been pushed out of the state to help out with a natural disaster. The Battalion served Bay S t. Louis and H ancock C ounty . The mission was to clean and clear the roads but the unit was able to get more personal with those affected by the storm when they passed out water, ice, food and other supplies.

It was a mission the troops of the 875th won't soon forget.


"The people of Mississippi were very polite and appreciative of us being there,they were going out of their way to help the soldiers and likewise the soldiers were doing all they could for the locals," said First Lieutenant Fontenot of the 875th Battalion.

In addition the Battalion returned from M ississippi with an extra member on the force. They adopted an abandoned dog while on their trip.