Bill Webster Recovers

September 14, 2005--Posted at 7:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-- A former region eight judge shot outside his office recalls a painful experience ...
A December shooting left Bill Webster's life in limbo, but now, he has nearly recovered.
What was a crimson stain on the snow covered ground is a vivid memory for Judge Bill Webster of that day in December... The day a client shot him just outside his office...
"I really was thinking about some way to get even with him," Bill Webster says.
Getting even...That's all he could think of as he lay on the pavement with one gunshot wound to his head...and two to his chest.
"I've lost almost a year of my life. I've spent almost eight months in and out of hospitals and rehab," Webster says.
In one respect, Webster has gotten even... He survived.
"I think because I've always been big and physically strong...probably one reason I'm here today," Webster says.
"As far as being a Christian or in church, I've always thought of myself as a work in progress. I wonder what the good Lord intends for me to do considering there are so many occasions when I could've left the world. I think as far as practicing law, I'm retired," Webster says.