Fly fishing retreat helps men cope with cancer

Fly fishing retreat helps men cope with cancer
Scott Hatt is thrilled to check an item off his bucket list. (Source: NBC)

(KAIT/NBC) - It's not always easy to express how you're feeling when faced with a life-threatening disease.

That's why a Michigan Organization is hosting a retreat for men with cancer.

In "Reel Recovery," cancer patients spend time relaxing and coping with the group down by the lake.

It's a welcome refresher for Scott Hatt, who spends time at Ranch Rudolf fly fishing and sharing experiences with other men battling cancer.

Scott has always wanted to fly fish and he's thrilled to check an item off his bucket list.

"Us as a group, being able to sit and talk as men is something that we don't normally get to do so being able so being able to sit around and discuss different things about the type of cancer we have, what we've gone through what we've done, it helps each other out quite a bit," Scott said.

Scott also has two teenage daughters and hopes to teach them how to fly fish.

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