Organization strives to help single parents get work

Organization strives to help single parents get work
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A job skills and career readiness workshop hosted by the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund took place at the Word Baptist Church in Jonesboro on Friday.

The organization provides scholarships to single parents.

Program Manager for the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund Wendy Stotts said scholarships aren't the only thing they do.

"Not only do we provide scholarships to support our students," Stotts said. "We like to be able to offer them support in other areas. Today, specifically, we're trying to help them get the jobs they want. We're really pleased with the turnout today. Especially, in this hot summer time. We're very pleased to have this group here and to be able to host this here locally at Word Baptist is a wonderful opportunity."

Stotts said they hosted the workshop to try and help meet a need.

"What we find a lot is there is a period of time when these people were in high school where they had help with their resume or practice in doing an interview," Stotts said. "And things change quite rapidly in our world. So, what they are learning today are the most up to date, real-time tips and techniques for getting the job that they want."

Jonesboro resident Bridgette Davis has two daughters.

Davis said there were some skills she wanted to brush up on.

"I need to know what to say and what not to say," Davis said. "I need to know what to write and what not to write. And just the overall of how to land a job that I want."

Davis said she found the workshop helpful.

"I'm learning a lot of information," Davis said. "The do's and don'ts. And that's my key point. The do's and don'ts and what to do and not to do."

And she wasn't the only one.

Jonesboro resident Sharon Duhan has two children, as well.

"I'm a full-time student and I'm getting ready to graduate in August," Duhan said. "I really needed to brush up on my job searching skills. I've learned a lot about job etiquette. The things we need to do and don't do. So, I appreciate this workshop."

Both Davis and Duhan said they thought anyone could benefit from the information.

"I would recommend this workshop for everyone," Davis said. "Male, female and anyone trying to land a job needs to know this."

"I would recommend this workshop to anyone," Duhan said. "There are such simple things we forget. There's also etiquette that is new, like cell phones. Should you have it at the job? What do you fill in on your applications and what not to fill in? I think it's very valuable information."

Stotts said applications for their scholarship fund are open now.

"The fall applications for scholarships is open right now," Stotts said. "All you need to do when you log on is click to the county you reside in. Under that county, you'll find the application for your area. There's plenty of time, but it's better to go ahead and get it done."

Stotts said those selected use the money for what they need it for.

"This money is paid directly to the student," Stotts said. "It does not have to be paid to the institution that they are attending for their education. It's paid to the student to help with costs like child care, car expense, a medical bill you need help with. The eligible student gets to choose what the money is for."

For more information about the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, click here.

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