FedEx makes special delivery for young boy

FedEx makes special delivery for young boy

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A young Region 8 boy got the surprise of his life on Monday!

Eight-year-old Shawn Sheppard Jr. has congenital diaromatic hernia.

His mother Mary Sheppard said this is a medical issue he's dealt with since birth.

"This is a birth defect where you're born with," Sheppard said. "That means you either have a hole in the diaphragm or you're born with no diaphragm. And in his case, he has no diaphragm. And he has pulmonary hypertension. He has water on the brain. I could go on, but those are some of the major ones."

Sheppard said this has caused Shawn to deal with other medical issues.

"His lungs, he's got one lung that's pretty good sized that's probably about a quarter," Sheppard said. "The other lung is probably a ten, probably a dime. One of them works really good. The other one works when it wants to. Because with him having no diaphragm, all his tummy organs were up in his chest cavity. It didn't allow his lungs to grow like a normal person, like yours or mine."

His heart is pushed over to one side, too.

Sheppard said he's technically died six times.

"He has a feeding pump and has to have food every month," Sheppard said. "You have to special order it. So, the food company, they use FedEx. FedEx comes and he loves FedEx. And when Adam comes to the door, if he's at home, he will meet Adam at the door. He'll give him a high five and hug him and all that. He has just built a special bond with him, with Adam. He knows around what time of the month Adam is supposed to be here."

Sheppard said there are two things that light up Shawn's face.

Mickey Mouse and his FedEx Delivery Driver, Adam Anderson.

When the manager of the local FedEx location heard about Shawn, they decided to make a special delivery.

Adam showed up with a box filled with goodies. Then, Shawn was allowed to get inside the FedEx truck and had his picture made.

Sheppard was overjoyed they thought to do this for her son.

"It makes me happy," Sheppard said. "It really does. Because it's his dream. He got to get into the FedEx truck. He gets to, you know, be him. He gets to be a child and gets to do something that he loves."

Anderson said seeing Shawn brings him just as much joy.

"Some days I'll be having a bad day," Anderson said. "When I get here, and I see his happiness, his joy, it just makes my day go by a little bit better. Seeing how happy he is."

Anderson said Shawn's excitement makes him want to do more.

"It's definitely a motivator," Anderson said. "To get out and deliver and to do my best. Glad I can bring some joy to his day and he brings joy to my day."

Sheppard had only one message for the people who made the day possible.

"Thank you," Sheppard said. "Thank you so much!"

It was obvious as Shawn watched Anderson drive away that they had made his day!

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