Finding a Home in Region 8

September 15th, 2005-- Posted at 6:45 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR-- Region 8 is one of the fastest growing areas in Arkansas and now a number of those displaced by Hurricane Katrina are calling Region 8 home.

"This is my home now, I work here now, and we make a salary and we plan on staying because we like Jonesboro people. We like the smiles," said Colleen Fellman, a new resident of Jonesboro.

Colleen and her husband David moved to Region 8 to flee Hurricane Katrina and feel lucky to have found jobs as groundskeepers for Sulcer Real Estate Properties. The Fellman's like a number of evacuees are beginning to make Region 8 their home permanently.

"Well I think we could see a large surge, I think it could turn Jonesboro into a seller's market. Right now it's a buyers market. But Jonesboro has always been a good town to buy real estate in," said real estate agent Danny Parker.

The market here could turnaround in 3 to 6 months as people start getting money from the homes they lost in the hurricane.

The Fellman's said in addition to the nice people of Region 8, the Red Cross was instrumental in helping them get back on their feet following the Hurricane. The Red Cross even assisted them with their first month's rent.