A Better Region 8: Remember when Facebook was fun?

A Better Region 8: Remember when Facebook was fun

(KAIT) - Remember when Facebook was fun? When it was a chance to "oo" and "ah" over pictures of your friends' babies and vacations?

Take a look at your feed now.

If yours is like mine, you'll see a lot of posts pointing fingers and saying how the "other side" is bad.

It does not matter which side of the aisle you sit on or vote on, someone on the other side is going to post a meme or a link trying to prove that their beliefs are right and yours are wrong.

Does it change your mind?


Does it make you rethink your friendship with that person?


Here's the deal: We're all human. We all make mistakes. No one side—Democrat or Republican--is better or worse than the other.

We can have civil discourse and disagreement, in the proper forum.

But let's all agree this Independence Day week, to remember we are all Americans. And let's treat our friends like friends and not like opponents in a perpetual battle that we will never win.

Doing so just might make this a better world and a better Region 8.

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