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State Panel Sees First Drafts of Highway Funding Proposals

SEPTEMBER 16, 2005 - Posted at 8:03 a.m. CDT


LITTLE ROCK, AR - A legislative task force yesterday reviewed preliminary proposals for diverting sales taxes on new vehicles.

A fee on tires and raised license fees are ways to fund a $1 billion highway program.

Governor Mike Huckabee abandoned plans to pass a $1.3 billion highway bond program in the last days of this year's legislative session, but said he might revisit the issue in a future special session.

A special Arkansas Highway Funding Task Force was formed to study funding options in the interim.

Representative Phillip Jackson of Berryville said it was the task force's obligation to find those solutions.

The panel reviewed four funding options yesterday, neither of which alone would raise the roughly $101 million that highway officials say would be needed to finance a $1 billion bond issue.

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