Condo owner confronts Craigslist scammer

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT/KARK) - A Little Rock woman trying to sell her condo was shocked when she saw her real estate listing on Craigslist, advertising her condo for rent instead.

Jamie Barron has only had her condo on the market for a few days.

KARK reached out to her, informing her that her condo's listing was being used to scam people.

The scammer sends a copy of a fake driver's license and rental application to people interested.

Then, the application asks for names, date of birth, and bank information.

"I was thinking what if somebody just knocked on the door, who knows how many people he's talking to," said Barron.

The ad was reported to craigslist but at last check, it was still up.

The website posts various tips online that my tip you off to a fake ad.

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