Crews repair Spring River sinkhole, officials say

Crews repair Spring River sinkhole, officials say
Crews have been able to repair a sinkhole on the Spring River in Fulton County. (Source: Arkansas Commission of State Lands)

FULTON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - According to Arkansas Land Commissioner John Thurston, crews have been able to close a sinkhole that opened on the Spring River in June in which a person was killed.

Thurston said in a media release that crews were able to use a track hoe to collapse the travertine roof of the sinkhole. The work caused the sinkhole to fall into itself, solving a water hazard that had been caused by erosion.

Federal, state and local officials met soon after the incident in which the person was killed in order to go over a solution to the problem.

Hydrogeologist Tom Aley with Ozark Underground Laboratory in Potem, Missouri looked over the scene and officials began work on the solution, Thurston said.

"After visiting the site, where Aley conducted a survey of the area with a dye tracing technique to determine the characteristics of the hazard, the agencies began examining potential fixes," Thurston said.

Federal and state officials, including Gov. Asa Hutchinson, state Sen. Missy Irvin, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Arkansas Department of Transportation and officials with Fulton County, worked on the project, Thurston said.

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