Thousands kick off Comic-Con in San Diego

Thousands kick off Comic-Con in San Diego
Comic Con 2018 NBC

(KAIT/NBC) - Thursday morning marked the start of Comic-Con where fans of everything sci-fi, superheroes, and fantasy are converging on San Diego.

Thousands streamed into the San Diego convention center Wednesday night, many in costume, for a sneak peek at this year's Comic-Con.

It started as a small gathering to celebrate comic books in 1970. It then mushroomed into a pop culture festival of the fantastic. Networks and studios spend shell out the cash to show off what's new and what's next.

"This is really important because they get to interact with the fans, and they get to make them feel part of a much bigger experience," said Gerrad Hall, Entertainment Weekly.

Hall said one show generating big buzz is "Doctor Who." This fall, the long-running British hit will have a woman playing the title character for the first time.

"The fan base for this show runs deep, they are loyal. So, for there finally now to be the first female, it's mind-blowing and people can't get enough," said Hall.

NBC's afterlife comedy "The Good Place" also has an interactive mock-up of the show's main village. Series stars will visit this weekend.

Comic-Con mainstay Marvel is largely sitting out this year's event. However, DC hopes to take advantage by hyping its big holiday release, "Aquaman" and possibly next year's sequel for "Wonder Woman".

"As long as you keep that title within the pop culture zeitgeist and part of the conversation, it's kinda golden," said Hall.

Organizers expect about 130,000 people a day to attend this year's con.

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