Non-Traditional Students Setting Record Enrollment Numbers at ASU

SEPTEMBER 19, 2005 - Posted at 3:19 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR - According to a new report released this afternoon by Arkansas State University, 33 percent of students at the school's Jonesboro campus are non-traditional students.  Non-traditional is defined as those students who are married, single parents, or are over the age of 25.

By comparison, the report also states that 16 percent of the population at the University of Central Arkansas and ten percent of the population at the University of Arkansas are non-traditional students.  "Recognizing that enrollment was headed toward a growth in the area of non-traditional students, we want to make ASU more attractive for them," said Dr. Rick Stripling, vice chancellor of student affairs.

Last week, students and their families began moving in to some of the 92 new apartments on-campus at Indian Village, as Phase II of the contruction project was completed.  "We wanted to build some nice apartments for students, while also making it affordable to live there and attend college.  While looking at apartment housing in Florida, we discovered something we loved with vibrant colors, open soffits, balcony areas, sidewalks and outdoor lighting.  So, we came back and built something similar here," said Stripling.

In addition, Stripling said, a director of non-traditional student services was hired this summer to coordinate social activities and student services specifically addressing the needs and concerns of non-traditional students.