Finding Something to Eat at the Fair

September 20, 2005 – Posted at 3:29 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO , AR -- The best part about the fair isn't all the rides, the exhibits, the games or even the animals. Most folks are drawn out for the opportunity to indulge!

"Cotton candy, nachos and all kind of food," laughed four-year-old Laney Eldridge when asked what her favorite foods were.

Even the little ones know where the good stuff is at the fair.

"I love chips!" yelled toddler Zoey Meyers.

Three-year-old Olivia Ferguson said she loved coming to the fair to play with her friends and eat. Her favorite treat, "Cotton candy!" giggled Ferguson.

It is the one week to forget the diet and indulge!

"It's the main reason for the fair, to come eat!" laughed Sharon Henninger as she took orders from behind the Jaycee's booth.

"Well, you can't eat it all the time, but you have just got to have it when the fair comes into town," said Kevin Davis as his scarped down a Jaycee's burger and fries.

And one of the best places to stop for a snack, the Jaycee's booth.

"Our top thing right now is the Jaycee burger, double meat, double cheese and the new item this year, popcorn chicken, it's very popular. Cheese sticks, polish sausages as always good. And we have Parrott ice machines this year, and all the Jaycee usuals," said Henninger.

And whether you're stopping by for a cotton candy or a cheeseburger, your dollar goes a little farther here.

"Anything you see us making here goes back to the community, back to the kids," said Henninger.

The Jaycee's booth opens around 10 every morning and closes at about 10 in the evening. There are plenty of good things on the menu and one of the most unique items requested: fried pickles.