Relief Options for Hurricane Katrina Victims

September 20, 2005 -- Posted at 4:57 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- The Jelks building -- which was a one stop shop for hurricane katrina evacuees in Jonesboro -- closed it's doors last week. But for the numerous katrina evacuees still located in region eight, where can they go for help? Stephanie Greenham of the Salvation Army said, "A lot of the agencies -- the post office the hud office -- they felt that they had accomplished all that they could do with the evacuees that we had seen.''  Officials said they were seeing the same evacuees everyday and felt their services were no longer needed, "The Salvation Army and the Red Cross were two of the last one's left there and the FEMA folks.  And then last Friday they left as well so now we're the only one's in the building and so we're just trying to get things organized.''

Once all the donations are processed the salvation army will re-evaulate the need in Region Eight and distribute the donations to meet that need. Mark Massey with the American Red Cross said, "We're trying to get all the people in our shelters a place to live. And there's things that FEMA's going to have to address that they can't do over the computer.''   Andrew Norton is an evacuee from New Orleans who is very grateful for the help he's recieved, "The Red Cross has been very helpful with answers.  And have helped us out since we've been here, so we came to the most helpful place we could today and that was here.''

If more evacuees arrive in Jonesboro the American Red Cross is prepared to help.  "We're going to go a different direction this time. We're going to work more with some church camps, "said Massey.  There are three shelters currently opened in Jonesboro.  And within the next week two of them will be closing. The only shelter that will remain open is the main shelter located at the First Baptist Church.

For those in the path of Hurricane Rita arriving in Arkansas officials say they will most likely be sent for Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.