Men Trail Women In Washing Hands

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A lot of men apparently aren't listening to

what their mothers always told them.

Scientists have been watching men and women in public restrooms.

And they say about a fourth of all men leave the restroom without

washing their hands.

The researchers staked out public facilities across the country.

They found 90 percent of women washed up, while only three out of

four men did so. Overall, 83 percent of people washed.

The study says the worst offenders were found at an Atlanta

Braves baseball game.

Nine years ago, a similar count of restroom users showed a third

not washing their hands. After those results, the American Society

of Microbiology went public with a campaign showing that 20 seconds

of hand-washing is one of the most effective tools to prevent the

spread of flu, diarrhea and other infectious diseases.

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