Miracle of Speech

With today's fast passed, hectic lifestyles, many of us don't appreciate a quite conversation with friends and family. However, for Mary Norris, she values every word and every moment with her brother Don. "When he was little, he was very active physically, and he talked and he was much like any other child except he had cerebral palsy which caused some physical deformities."

Then one day Don stopped talking. His family was confused and his doctors were baffled. For 25 years Don remained silent. He used a message board to communicate. Until last Easter when he became sick. Mary says "I just kept praying, my pray could be that some way he could communicate with the doctors what was wrong with him, I would pray god just let him be able to point to where it hurts."

Then her prayers were answered, better than she could have hoped for. Mary's family was in disbelief. Mary's Daughter Cindy says "I was at a ball game, and she said what are you doing when you get done, and I said nothing. And she said uncle Don asked for you. So, I came up here and I walked through the door and he said Cindy, and I just cried."

It was the first time Cindy had heard her uncle Don's voice since she was seven years old. Even those who work with Don at the Human Development Center were amazed. "We just prayed and prayed and prayed that he would talk and when he did, I just layed on the bed with him and talked with, and he said go away and leave me alone, cause I didn't want to leave him, I just cried and cried and cried."

In fact a lot tears have been shed. Mainly tears of joy, but also for missed opportunity. Mary remembers they day she took Don to their parents grave. "We went to the cemetery on mother's day. The hardest part is when we went to leave he said to me, why did they leave without saying goodbye. That just says to me that he's understood a lot more than we thought."