Parents, grandparents concerned for kids' safety on old crosswalk

Safety concerns in Cherry Valley
Melissa Tubbs (Source: KAIT-TV)
Melissa Tubbs (Source: KAIT-TV)

CHERRY VALLEY, AR (KAIT) - A safety concern is presenting itself in Cherry Valley and it now has parents and grandparents pushing to be heard.

Fortunately, there have been no incidents reported yet, but some think it's only a matter of time, residents have said.

It's about a crosswalk, or lack thereof, leading from an apartment complex to a school bus stop across the heavily traveled Highway 42.

"There is no pedestrian sign up, there's no flashing lights, there's no crosswalk, there's nothing," Cherry Valley resident Melissa Tubbs said.

Tubbs has lived in an apartment complex off Highway 42 in Cherry Valley for years.

But, just recently, she's been speaking out about a growing concern.

The safety of the kids in her building and her own grandchildren is fueling her fire.

"I've called City Hall in Cherry Valley," Tubbs said. "I've called the highway department in Wynne."

A crosswalk that used to lead from the complex to a school bus stop across the highway has all but disappeared. Only two faded white lines remain.

Tubbs said she has made several attempts to contact the department in charge.

"City Hall tells me it's the highway department's problem," Tubbs said. "The highway department tells me it's the city's problem."

She started taking the problem into her own hands.

"I have literally gotten in the middle of the road and put my hand up and stopped traffic," Tubbs said.

She's just trying to call attention to the issue before it's too late.

"Nothing has ever happened that I know of," Tubbs said. "But we do not want it to."

Region 8 News reached out to Cherry Valley City Hall and was told since it is on a highway, it falls under state jurisdiction.

Arkansas Department of Transportation Spokesperson Danny Straessle said the state actually paved over the crosswalk years ago when the elementary school building across the street was no longer in use.

Their maintenance division reviewed the same location in November of 2016 and recommended pedestrian signs to alert drivers.

Straessle said they installed those at that time, which satisfied the Transportation Director at Cross County Schools.

And the state has no plans to re-establish that crosswalk.

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