Doctors battling rising public distrust of vaccinations

Doctors battling rising public distrust of vaccinations

(KAIT/NBC) - Many states require children to have up-to-date vaccines for the upcoming school year.

However, both Arkansas and Missouri allow you to opt out for reasons of conscience.

Experts with Baylor College of Medicine say this leaves your kids open to deadly diseases.

If your child has no medical reason to avoid vaccines, they say it's a bad idea.

Doctor Peter Hotez said Texas ranks among states with the lowest vaccination rates, so it's clear there is a growing distrust among the public.

Many people claim a correlation between autism and vaccines.

It's a theory proven false in scientific studies and one Hotez, himself, guarantees cannot happen.

"Just like a child has a right to be, if they're in a car, to be in a car seat or a safety belt," Dr. Hotez said. "They have a fundamental right to be protected against deadly diseases by being vaccinated.  It's not a choice, it's a requirement as a parent."

Autism happens to connect two of his passions.

His daughter Rachel has autism and he's never been more dedicated to spreading this message.

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