A Better Region 8: Back to School

A Better Region 8 - Back to School Safety

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - School is back in session.

It's the time when teachers take a deep breath and then put on their best smiles.

Fellow parents, we go through the struggles of getting our kids up and fed, maybe, and then off to the school bus or car line. It's stress - every single morning.

Oftentimes we are going to run late. We're juggling so many things - oftentimes as we're driving, and that's when most accidents happen.

This week and next, there will be a lot of us getting back into the school routine. Please, allow yourself extra time for those morning issues that seem to pop up.

The roads are busy enough. Dangerous enough. There will be a lot of kids waiting on the side of the road for their bus to arrive. There will be parents with their carloads of kids. And then there are the teen drivers.

As adults, let's set the example. Put the phone down. Flip up the vanity mirror. Get up earlier if you must. Every impressionable eye is watching.

Let's have a great and safe school year. It'll make this a better Region 8.

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