Sensor helps farmer learn more about crops

Sensor helps farmer learn more about crops
A Trimble Greenseeker is being used to measure the health of a rice crop, with area farmers hopeful it can provide a strong crop this year. (Source: KARK-TV)

LONOKE COUNTY, AR (KAIT/KARK) - A sensor called the Trimble Greenseeker is being called the fuel gauge for the rice plant, with an agricultural official saying it has changed the way farmers have improved their crops in the technology age.

According to Little Rock NBC affiliate KARK, Dr. Jarod Hardke with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture said the device can measure the health of a rice plant.

The Greenseeker sends a light to the plant. From there, a light source goes back to the device and it provides a readout on the crop's health, KARK said.

The device costs around $400 and Hardke said it helps get the information to the farmer.

"A point and click. It's just focused on the plant," Hardke told KARK.

Hardke also said officials are hopeful that the device can help farmers with planting, especially when adding nitrogen to the ground.

"Ultimately if we save one mid-season nitrogen application in just one field, you've more than paid for the handheld itself," Hardke said.

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