Evacuees Having Trouble Finding Housing

September 22, 2005--Posted at 5:45 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--The Jonesboro housing authority has seen their list of clients double in the past couple of weeks because of Hurricane Katrina. But there's a problem, the number of rental properties in the area are becoming scarce.

Rhonda Robichaux evacuated New Orleans with her 7 children to Jonesboro. After stops at the Temple Babtist Shelter and now the Ramada Inn the family is looking for a home. She has a voucher for a 5 bedroom house, but is having a problem finding one that size.

Rhonda's kids are enrolled in Nettleton schools and the family loves the area.

"They love it, that is why they say they want to stay in this area, because we don't want to change. We love it at this school so everyone here is very wonderful and they love it here," said Robichaux

Rhonda's kids range in age from 16 to 7 and currently occupy two hotel rooms but why have they been unable to secure permanent housing here?

"Shortage of housing that is available for anyone that is looking for rental at this time," said Robin Bowers, Section 8 Housing Manager at Jonesboro Housing Authority.

Rhonda's family can continue to stay at the Ramada Inn for up to 2 weeks however the family's problem hasn't been finding places to rent the family's problem has been finding that are big enough for a family of that size.

Alot of landlords don't have 4 and 5 bedrooms available at all. One rental company said they are staying busy trying to find housing for evacuees but they are having trouble keeping up.

If you have available rental property in the Craighead County area, the Jonesboro Housing Authority encourages you to call them at 935-9800. Their list of available housing is dwindling daily.