Report: Nearly 13,000 residents not meeting Medicaid work requirements

Report: Nearly 13,000 residents not meeting Medicaid work requirements
(Source: KAIT)

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT/KATV) - The number of people who have not met work requirements under the state's Medicaid law nearly doubled from the same time in June, with officials telling a Little Rock television station that the goal is to continue building on the requirement.

According to a report from Little Rock television station KATV, 12,700 people in the state of Arkansas did not meet the work requirement in July. The new rules implemented require that people must work, volunteer or go to school in order to continue receiving the benefits in most cases.

Nearly 26,000 people had to report in June, KATV said, noting records show that 7,500 people did not report. At least 43,000 people had to report in July, officials said.

Of the 43,000, only 844 people met the work requirement under nearly 1,500 reported a new exemption and another 30,000 qualified for exemptions, KATV said.

Arkansas Department of Human Services spokesperson Marci Manley said the state agency is working to meet the goals set with the requirement.

"We're seeing what we didn't want to see, we want to see those numbers go up, we want to see more and more people meet the work requirement," Manley said.

Of the 30,000 who met the exemptions, nearly half, about 14,000, worked at least 80 hours a month while nearly 6,000 were able to meet other welfare requirements making them eligible for programs like Arkansas Works, KATV reported.

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