Tornado Destroys

Sunday September, 25 -- Posted at 9:35 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- The yards are littered with the remains of homes hit Saturday night by tornadoes in White County.  The people victimized by tornadoes, spun off by hurricane Rita, are thankful to be alive after their homes were ripped apart. Debra Betts was alone in a church when the tornado hit, "I heard a roar and then the roar got louder and I thought, 'Oh my, maybe I should go into the bathroom'.''  Huge chunks are missing from the roof of the church, and the steeple that should be on top of the building now lays on the grass out front.

Officials with the National Weather Service say it was most likely an ''F 2'' tornado that ripped through the area.  Tim Yarbrough was watching the weather coverage on KAIT when the storm was approaching, "We got in as soon as he told us to take cover we had about a minute before the tornado actually came over and did all the damage.''  Most of the people are very lucky, they are also thankful to be alive, "We feel very blessed. It was awful close but no direct hit.  We had some minor damage but no structural damage at all.''