Cancer: Cheering For A Cure

September 27th, 2005--Posted at 1:45 PM CST

JONESBORO--One in every 216 people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. That is why the American Cancer Society exists, to find a cure.

As we build up to Saturday's K8-8K, everyday we will feature those affected by cancer and those who help to find a cure.

To some cheerleading isn't considered a sport, but to these girls it is their life. They cheer, nearly everyday, at the Arkansas Cheer Company in Jonesboro.

And this month, they have been on a mission to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

"These kids like to compete, so you might as well get them to compete for a good cause. And this was a perfect opportunity to put them all together," A.C.C. Owner, James Martin.

And their cause is just. James Martin trains cheerleaders from all over region 8, 450 to be exact.

Of those 450, 3 of them will acquire cancer in their lifetime and one will die.

Martin said, "Everybody, in one way shape or form has experience with cancer. Whether it be parent, grandparent, relative or anything. So all of them have had some exposure to it and it kind of brings that awareness to the front."

"Most of them don't think about it on an everyday basis. This makes them think about it on a everyday basis," Martin says.

Cheerleading is hard. The counts, the catches, and the tumbles.But what is hard is stopping cancer. That takes research which takes money. These girls hope they can help with that one flip at a time.

"This has brought us together as a team a lot, as in fundraising and getting us to understand the cause of cancer. I know that they are trying to find a cure for this. We are just trying to raise as much money as we can to help them," cheerleader Haley Jackson said.

Cheeleaders from the Arkansas Cheer Company will be at the K8-8K on Saturday to cheer the runners and walkers on. The group hopes to raise $2000 for cancer research. They'll present their check at the race on Saturday.