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Jonesboro, AR--Brett Garrett Reports

Finding Pets Saved From Hurricane Katrina

September 28, 2005-- Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--If you have ever lost a pet you know the feeling experienced by evacuees who were forced to leave their animals behind. It's like leaving behind a member of your family.

"It's just heartbreaking to see so many that are still out there and still need to be rescued," said Ruth Scroggin, a volunteer who helped lost animals.

Ruth is one of thousands of volunteers who has gone to the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina to help locate lost pets. They have rescued over 5000 animals so far. Once rescued the animals are micro chipped before being sent out like their human counterparts to wherever they can find homes across the country.

Ruth, like many of the volunteers, worked out of New Orleans setting up feeding stations, helping to remove pets from houses and general emergency help.

For those who were evacuated they lost just about everything but for them it wasn't about losing material possessions that hurt the most.

"One guy told me, my kids have lost their home their toys, their bicycles their game boys but the one thing they cry about every night is their dog," said Scroggin.

So how do you avoid being separated from your pet in time of a disaster? According to Scroggin you should put identification on your pet because animals that show no sign of ownership or don't have collars are treated differently.

If you lost a pet while evacuating from Hurricane Katrina it isn't too late to find them.

"The database information is going to be on the computer, so they can keep looking for them for months, so I wouldn't give up, I wouldn't give up at all," said Scroggin.

A couple of websites that contain the whereabouts of pets rescued from Hurricane Katrina include:


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