A Region 8 Woman Battles Cancer Not Once, but Twice

Posted at Sept 30, 2005 -- Posted at 12:00 P.M. CST

Warm Springs, Ar -- "I'm gonna die--you know everyone says that and thinks that when you have cancer--you're dead," said Dotty Koons.

That was Dotty's initial reaction upon being diagnosed.

In November of 1990, she had surgery to remove her right breast.

"Let's get this treated.  I'm not ready to die," said Koons.

Each year after her surgery she continued her doctors visits, got mammograms, and performed self examinations.

She was taking each precaution to avoid cancer again.

"Oh not again," sighed Koons.

The cancer was back after nearly 15 years.

Dotty Koons would undergo yet another surgery.

"I just came home and told my husband it was cancerous and I was going to have to have surgery.  I told my son, and we just got on with it," said Koons.

After her surgery, Dotty says she did battle depression---but was determined not to let this cancer defeat her.

"I had four months of chemotherapy this last time, and 33 rounds of radiation treatments".  He told me the other day I was really doing good, then he released me.

She attributes her survivor's spirit to her close family and loyal friends.....and she says she still has a lot of living left to do.

"Death has never been an option for me.....she laughs. You just do what you have to do......do what you have to do to survive," said Dotty Koons.