Evacuees Find Comfort in the Cross

September 30, 2005--Posted at 5:00 CDT
JONESBORO-- The tragedy of the Hurricanes, brought thousands of evacuees to region eight.
One family called on old friends, Sisters, in fact ...
Evacuee Faye Romero says, "I was in the convent when I was younger so I called the Sisters and asked them if we could come here. I have three daughters and five grandchildren."
"I thought oh my goodness ... But we've enjoyed them," Sister Mary Ann Nuce says.
It's an unfortunate reunion, but one that brings much comfort for this family in need.
"I'm so thankful for holy angels convent for taking us in. They've been wonderful with our children ... Doing things with them. They give them stuffed animals to comfort them. It's just remarkable," Faye's Daughter Kimberly Ramero Landry says.
"I just felt like the lord led them up here, and I'm just glad we could help," Sister Nuce says.
But even though this family has found a safe haven, there is still a little emptiness ...
"I'm here with my mother and my sisters but it's just not the same," Landry says.
You see, when the women came to the convent, they were with their husbands ...
Now the men that were staying at the convent have returned home to work, and the women say they will join them soon. But for Landry, that reunion can't come soon enough.
"I have a need to be at home with my family, but I know I can't be there right now. I want to be near my husband. It's just hard to describe," Landry says.
It's a longing to turn caos into comfort, for a family who feels so displaced.
The only refuge they have is in the Cross, and a Faith they hope will get them back home.
The family is from different parts of Louisiana. They will all return to the state on Sunday.