The Parachute Inn Prepares for Takeoff Aboard a 737

October 3, 2005 Posted at 12:00 p.m. CDT

Walnut Ridge, AR - The Parachute Inn at Walnut Ridge Airport prepares for its Grand Opening inside a South West 737 Airliner. And it's the only one that serves a meal.
Donna Robertson jokingly came up with the idea to expand her restaurant into a plane. But it was no joke when they shipped the plane to her from Dallas.
"I thought, what did I get myself into? I still don't know."
Donna says the preparation has been hectic but after a year of hard work with her and her family, she is ready for the opening.
"I'm nervous. We've always just been down there, but now we are in a plane. But there isn't anything like it around here, so it will definantly be something different."
With nerves and all, Donna and her girls put on an appreciation luncheon today to honor those who have worked so hard to help and get this plane off the ground.
Donna said the Mayor would be the first person to eat on the plane.