Will the Bird Flu Come to Region 8?

October 4, 2005 -- Posted at 6:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- President Bush has announced that if the Avian Flu does become a pandemic and move to the United States he might use the United States military to quarantine parts of the country. But what is the avian flu? "Avian Flu is actually a bird virus and it's spread from birds and poultry and it was first seen in Asia in 1997", said Infectious Disease Practitioner Pam Tedder with St. Bernards Regional Medical Center.

Tedder said she thinks people in the United States don't need to really worry about the Avian Flu, but she thinks they should be concerned about the illness.

The Avian Flu is transmitted from bird to bird, and bird to human. Birds contract the disease by being near a bird that is coughing, being in contaminated surfaces and from droppings of the bird.. So far the Avian Flu is being blamed in the deaths of at least 65 humans, and tens of millions of birds.