Looking For A Pair Of Warrant Watchees

We're a little thin this week on Crimestoppers. I guess it's a good thing. We don't have a crime of the week, but we do have Warrant Watch to see us through.

Here we go...

Carol Marie Grass is up first. She has a dozen warrants. Right now, JPD is after her for 10 non-payment of fines warrants. She better pay with cash because she is also looking at two warrants for writing hot checks.

Steven Michael Meine is off to an early start in his warrants career. He's only 18 and he's already on the list. He has 6 non-payment of fines warrants out of JPD.

If you know Carol Marie Grass or Steven Micahel Meine, that information is worth money. Call Crimestoppers right now, 935-STOP and tell police what you know. No one will ask your name, you will remain anonymous. Just give 'em a call, 935-STOP.