A.G. Office: 'Your Kids Are In Danger'

October 4, 2005--Posted at 10:20 PM CST

VALLEY VIEW--The Internet is a great tool. It allows people to talk around the globe in seconds. It also makes people, and especially children, vulnerable. One in five children will be solicited for sex on the Internet, and that is why Attorney General Mike Beebe is stepping in.

From and Internet Posting: "Hi. My name is Genny. I am 14 and in the 8th grade. I enjoy cheerleading and choir. I have just started making money as a model."

But that is not who Genny really is. Genny was actually a guy who is sexual predator posing as a middle school student. It is an all to familiar thing; kids being solicited via the Internet.

"Sexual exploitation in ages 6 to 13 is at 82%," said Rachel Ellis, a representative from Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebes office.

Ellis travels across the state informing students and their parents about the dangers of the Internet. She talked about the website Xanga.com. Xanga is a website designed for people to meet and chat.

Hunnybunny3 is 14, lives in Memphis, goes to Appley Middle School and her name is Taylor Caldwell. Taylor made two mistakes. She posted her first and last name, and gave her phone number.

By searching the last name Caldwell in Memphis, TN on Anywho.com, I matched Taylors phone number with her address giving me her exact location. When parents at tonights Valley View P.T.A. meeting learned how easy it was for their kids to be solicited, they said it was unbelievable.

Joyce McCormack, Valley View parent, says, "It was chilling. It was very frightening. And I know that my kids have been on those Xanga sites."

"I was very surprised. I talked to the lady next to me and it kind of gave us goose bumps," said parent Linda Goad.

Parents learned that they have to be up-to-date. They need to ask there kids were they go.

if you want more information on how to protect your children from Internet predators, log onto www.ag.state.ar.us