Missourians Using Less Gas

October 6, 2004 – Posted at 3:39 p.m. CDT
KENNETT, MO -- There's been no relief at the pump, and a report from the Missouri Department of Transportation says Missourians are using less gasoline as a result.
Gasoline consumption has risen by an average of 1.2% annually in the Show-Me state the last 35 years. But higher prices have got Missourians making changes and traveling less. Missouri motorists appear to be slowing down on fuel consumption as the price of gasoline continues to rise.
“They're really tough, but we've got to pay them. Got to go to work, I guess,” said Bragg City resident Danny Emory.
Regardless of price, the Jiffy Jim's Shell gas station in Kennett stays busy with plenty of customers buying gas. But with rising prices, many folks are making changes.
“My husband and I like to go places. And now we can’t even do that because these gas prices. When you haven't got the money, you just don't have it. You got to sit at home,” said student Christie Brown.
Contractor Lynn Marrow spends about $2400 a month filling up the tanks of his four trucks. The price is high, but he says there is no other option.
“We haven’t cut back,” said Marrow, “You just have to pass that on the customer. The customer has to pay the difference so they're paying at the pump as well as paying us to do the work.”
“I pray all the time about the prices,” said Brown, “By the help of the Lord, it will get better.”
Missourians' gasoline consumption peaked at 2.73 million gallons in the 1979 fiscal year. The national average for a price of a gallon of leaded gasoline rose from .69 cents in 1979 to $1.26 in 1982.