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Stressed? How about Trying Yoga?

October 11, 2005 Posted at 9:00 a.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR-- The fast pace of today's world leaves us running ragged. Juggling your personal and professional life is hard to do, so more people are looking for ways to relieve stress.

Sotox Yoga in here Jonesboro offers more than just Yoga, they have an 8 week Pilates class and they offer massage therapy. Pamela Young, owner and operator of Sotox, says that Yoga is an individual study, and people should proceed at a pace they are comfortable.

"Yoga can become intense, but we don't want to frighten anyone away. There are 3 levels, and the first level just opens you up to the postures and a few positions, but mainly it teaches you about the proper breathing technique.

The second level is a little more challenging and we offer Sun Salutations which is a way for people to lose weight the natural way by controling the body and emotions. And then we have Yoga Dance. It's a way to do yoga postures at a lively beat to tribal music, which helps focus on the mind, increases the metabolism and burns calories.

Our more advanced level is called Power for those who are looking for a more rigorous and aerobic yoga."

Pam says there are many benefits to doing Yoga, but the main thing they focus on is limbering the muscles and body which in return helps you maintain the overall wellness of your mind, body, and spirit.

Pam encourages people of all shapes and sizes and gender to try it at least once.

If you are interested in taking classes or joining Sotox Yoga and Wellness, you can contact Pam Young at 934-YOGA (9642) or you can visit their website at

They are located at 323 South Church St in Downtown Jonesboro, near the Forum.

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