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Helping Women Pick the Best Shoes for Winter

October 11, 2005 -- Posted at 3:38 p.m. CDT


JONESBORO -- With the onset of cool temperatures, many are pulling out their winter wear in preparation for colder weather.  And many shoe loving women head straight to the shoe store to get the ''hottest'' boots for the winter season.  But are the shoes they're buying the best one's for their feet?  Dr. William Coates said, “Women want to look  for something that's breathable, a leather upper maybe a gortex liner.  You want to avoid synthetic type of materials.  A wide heel, not a narrow heel, that's not very high-- less than two inches.  And preferably a rubber sole to prevent slippage.”


Dr. Coates says women should shop for shoes at the end of the day, because feet have a tendency to swell.  He says women should try on both shoes when they’re thinking of making a purchase, and always fit the shoes to your largest foot.


When going out to shop for new winter shoes, women should always wear the type of socks or pantyhose that they would wear with the shoe, that way the shoe will fit properly.


For many shoe shoppers, a new pair of winter boots must serve many purposes: they have to look good, and be sensible all at the same time.  and there in lies the delimma:  fashion or comfort?  Dr. Coates said, “They probably want to go with more comfort than fashion.  Ladies like to wear pretty shoes (but) pretty shoes are often not the best shoes to wear.’’


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