Region 8 Gears Up for Halloween

October 12th, 2005--Posted at 5:45 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--Break out your favorite costume because Halloween is right around the corner. It's that spook-tacular time of year again when all the ghouls and ghoblins come out to claim their trick or treat ransoms. So what are you going to be for Halloween?

"Seems like superheroes for children are still the strong thing has been for several years, adults are really going for everything," said Larry McIlvoy, owner of the Golden Grotto.

Halloween it's a season of creativity so whether you are an angel or a chicken the most important thing is to be whatever you want to be.

"You can be for Halloween anything your little heart always wanted to be but were scared to do it any other day," said McIlvoy.

What can you do to put the boo in your home?

"They have come out with a product called Scene Setters which are very long plastic rolls 50 feet long that really are enhancing Halloween decorations at a very reasonable price," said McIlvoy.

Sometimes it's the little things that add that spooky touch.

"Of course spider webs are always very big, all kind of spiders, roaches, and bats, cats all kinds of black cats and witchy things," said McIlvoy.

The decor is just one ingrediant of a devilish Halloween.

"I don't know of a kid yet from 2 to 200 that doesn't like candy," said Sherri Griggs, manager of Candy Craze.

As the kids trick or treat door to door some candy's are more popular this season than others.

"We sell alot of Candy Corn that seems to be one of their favorite, a lot of black and orange M&M's, a lot of Reece's Pieces because they have the fall colors," said Griggs.

So what kind of candy is a kids favorite?

"They don't really care what it is just as long as we put something in that little bucket they got," said Griggs.

The National Retail Federation says consumers are expected to shell out more than $3.3 billion for the Halloween season. That's up 5.4 percent from Halloween spending last year.