Kick Katrina Back With Kickball

October 15, 2005--Posted at 6:45 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--Going back to the old school ... Kickball is making a comeback in region 8.

"It's kickball, we haven't played kickball since we were like 8," said Adam Brown, sponsor of "Kick Katrina Back" kickball tournament.

Break out the ball and get the gang back together, we're playing kickball.

"I think to get out here and play again it kind of gives you a feel of your childhood back," said paticipant Adam Rawls

Events like today's Adam Brown and A.G. Edwards Charity Kickball Tournament give grownups the chance to relive their childhoods.

"I have always wanted to play again as an adult we played as kids so many times I just wanted to play as an adult, it's coming back," said Brown.

"They bring out the kid in you, a lot of times people get so serious and caught up in the games, I mean kickball it's hard to get real caught up in it especially when you're supporting a good cause," said participant Jason Pounders.

The theme for the kickball tournament was "Kick Katrina Back" with half of the money raised from event is helping Habitiat for Humanity right here in Jonesboro while the other half is helping hurricane victims in New Orleans.

"I have been wanting to help out with the hurricane katrina victims, I figured this would be a fun way to do it and have some fun at the same time and get my friends involved," said Pounders.

Schoolyard games like kickball and dodgeball are making comebacks partly because you get to go out and have a good time with your friends. After a long day of competing against the finest weekend warriors the area has to offer the competitors all feel like winners. But after taking a few years off from the kickball circuit does it come back to you?

"A little harder to get a hit than it was when you were in 4th grade," said Pounders.

If there's enough interest, a fall kickball league could be formed. If you're interested in playing kickball, you can contact Adam Brown at 870-932-1151 for more information.