Rockin' on the Ridge`

JONESBORO -- The fourth annual Rockin' on The Ridge was held Saturday in downtownJonesboro with local groups Further Down, No Quarter, and Rhyme and Reason.

Two bands from the Seventies joined the local groups – Poco and Firefall.

This project began in 2002 as a way of bringing attention to downtown Jonesboro. “We started with the revitilization of downtown and it's come a long way.   If you haven't been in downtown Jonesboro in a long time you probably wouldn't recognize it,” said Bill Pressly.

While they do look forward to hearing the headliners, many who attended the concert appreciate hearing the local bands play just as much, “There's plenty of local musicians.  I like Poco, I like Firefall, but give the locals a chance to do more,” said George Hinds, a local resident who came out for the live entertainment.

This event has been played in the past by local groups only... this is the first year for any ''super groups".  “Usually we keep it to local stars and this is the first time we've gone out and got a band.  Firefall's from Denver and Poco's from California,  so we look forward to a big turnout tonight,” said Pressly.