Parker Pioneer Homestead Teaches Visitors the Ways of the Past

October 16, 2005  --  Posted at 7:27 p.m. CDT


WHITEHALL  -- There's a place in Region 8 that takes us back to the days of slow living... a time when people used what they already to make themselves happy in life.

Parker Pioneer Homestead located in Whitehall opens every summer and features the old way of doing things for a younger generation.  Phil Parker, owner of the Homestead said, “People want to see the old time stuff, and they can see it here.  If you don't preserve it, it will be lost.”  

Visitors to the Parker Pioneer Homestead get to see how things were done in the past before things were so easy to do everyday.  Workers make kettle corn, candles, churn butter, and even play a tune on the front porch, all to preserve this lifestyle.