Taps Across Arkansas

Posted on October 17, 2005 at 2:30 p.m. CDT


WEST MEMPHIS -- Dennis Lockwood is on a mission to spread the word about his organization “Bugles Across America’’.   “I'm here starting in West Memphis today beginning a march across the state of Arkansas to end in Fort Smith on Veterans Day,’’ said Lockwood.


The organization is a national organization of volunteer taps buglers who plays at veterans funerals at no cost.   

“Congress passed legislation that said veterans had the right to a military honors team of at least two flag holders and taps”, said Lockwood, “They authorized recorded devices to be used at funerals and we took that a step further and formed our organization in 2000.  We've now grown to over 4000 buglers nationwide with 32 in the state of Arkansas.”  


The march, called “Taps Across Arkansas” will end on November 11th. Buglers Across America provides their services free of charge to the families of any military, fire, or police official.


For more information contact their website: http://www.buglesacrossamerica.org