Storm Cellars- How to Get Them

October 20, 2005 Posted at 8:30 a.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR-- In the event of a disaster, everyone should be prepared to have a safe place from the storm.
Hedger Brothers Inc. here in Jonesboro has been doing just that for 50 years. Chris Hedger says the concrete business is all he's ever known and when his dad retires in a few years he will be taking over.
Hedger Brothers makes Storm Cellars and Septic Tanks. Chris says they use concrete, because it proves to be the most sturdy and reliable.
"We start out by pouring the mold which is reinforced with wire and a special mesh. We then let it dry and to make sure there are no leaks and to keep water out, we paint it with a sealer."
There are 5 different sizes of storm cellars they offer, ranging from $950 to over $2,000. If that seems a little expensive, the government has a solution.
The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management says the government will give you a 50% off rebate up to $1,000. To get the rebate, your storm cellar must meet a regulation inspection.
For more information about recieving the rebate, you can go to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management's web site, or you can go by the Hedger Brothers, Inc. on Culberhouse, off of Johnson.