Making Your Own Halloween Costume

October 20, 2005 -- Posted at 5:23 p.m. CDT 


JONESBORO -- With Halloween right around the corner, many people are scrambling to try to find the perfect costume.  But buying a Halloween costume can be expensive.  So why not try to save money by making your own?  “I made my own devil costume which is fun because you can buy all the pieces and incorporate them into an outfit and sew everything on and it's easier,” said Jessica Noell.


Kelly Marie Schaefer with the Arkansas State University Theater Department said, “All you really need to do is find a base piece, you know, something that will work.  And throw a bunch of stuff on it.”


You can often take something you may already have in your closet and turn it into a costume.  All you need are some beads, a tiara and a little imagination.  “If they're able to go and collect several different things like at Golden Grotto and Goodwill then they're able to put together specifically what they're looking for,” said Schaefer.


While making your own costume may take a little more effort it is definitely worth it.  “It's so much more fun because then you get to have exactly what you want rather than something that a corporation has said this is what you're going to look like,” Schaefer said, “When you get to put it together yourself it fits you right, it's the length you want, it's the color you want and it really is your Halloween costume.


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