Wal-Mart is Remodeling

October 22, 2005--Posted at 11:30 p.m. CST

BENTONVILLE--Wal-Mart is remaking the inside of its Supercenters with earth tones and airier displays to attract more upscale shoppers and rekindle its growth. New Supercenters will
have a warmer more-open look, and older stores are scheduled for remodeling. Besides an updated design, a range of new features will include drive-through garden centers and touch-screen order terminals for fresh deli sandwiches.

Supercenters are Wal-Mart's combined general merchandise and grocery stores. In the new ones, shelves end just above head-height rather than being stacked high with inventory. Aisles are wider and the floor in the clothing section has been finished in a hardwood

Wal-Mart acknowledges it is in a battle with competitors like trendier Target Corporation for more upscale shoppers who may buy paper towels and groceries at Wal-Mart but go elsewhere for clothes and home furnishings.

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