Pastor From New Orleans Visits a Region 8 Church

October 23, 2005 -- Posted at 4:26 p.m. CDT


JONESBORO -- He has lost his home and his church, but Pastor Garland Bilbo still has his faith.

He and his family fled New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina struck on August 29th.   Since then they have been working toward the goal of someday returning to the city they love.


Pastor Bilbo says that we can survive any storm we are faced with, “Everyone has a storm in life whether it's divorce, losing a child, or family member.  It just so happens that New Orleans got hit by a hurricane.”   Bilbo and his wife Beverly left New Orleans in plenty of time to get away from the storm but their church and home weren't spared.  Meanwhile, they're still waiting to hear from some of their members.  “We've heard from about three quarters of our congregation right now, which is spread all over the United States, but there's still that one quarter that we are still worried about.”


The hurricane destroyed much of the city of New Orleans, but it didn't shake the faith of Pastor Bilbo, who looks forward to his city being rebuilt, “Pictures that we see on the news and pictures that we see people coming back doesn’t really describe the devastation that is in the New Orleans area.”  Bilbo has been back to the city since Hurricane Katrina hit and says the destruction left behind is devastating.

 “It's amazing what nature can do.  Houses on their slabs totally moved across the street, roofs taken off, water pouring in nothing left nothing to salvage.”  


Pastor Lynn Ables of the Pocahantas First Assembly of God hopes Pastor Bilbo's visit will be an inspiration to his congregation, “We were told of so many great testimonies and experiences that have been going on in New Orleans because of his church.”


A revival is being held at the First Assembly of God in Pocahontas through Wednesday.  Services will begin at 7 p.m.