Eye Examinations

Unfortunately, that is not always true. Eyes, just like the rest of your body, undergo gradual changes as you age.  Unlike your body, your eyes rarely hurt when something is wrong. In the early stages of some conditions and diseases, your vision may not be affected. This is true of glaucoma, cataracts and complications from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Regular annual examinations are necessary to maintain healthy eyes. Dr. Howell will look for symptoms of disease during an examination, as well as any changes that have occurred in your vision since your last checkup. Early detection of any problem allows treatment to take place and in some cases, can stop or slow a condition from becoming worse.

Unless your child has exhibited vision problems at an earlier age, he or she should have an eye exam by age three and then every two years. If your child wears glasses, an exam should be performed every year. Parents are usually the first to notice any possible changes in their child's sight. Look for symptoms such as holding a book too close, sitting too close to the television, squinting, frequent eye rubbing and sensitivity to light.

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