Contact Lenses

Contacts are produced as either disposable or extended wear. Disposable lenses are made to be worn from only one day to several months before they are thrown away. Extended wear contact lenses can be worn overnight, and don't need to be cleaned until they are removed or replaced with fresh ones.

If you want a different "look" you might consider tinted contact lenses. These are made to enhance or change your eye color. The appearance, thanks to today's technology, is natural. Contacts with built-in ultraviolet blockers can help protect your eyes, though they are not meant to replace sunglasses.

Contacts are available in two basic types of material: soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP). RGP's are more popular as they last longer and are easier to clean than soft lenses.

If you have wanted to wear contacts but always thought you were a poor candidate, think again! Dr. Howell can determine your specific needs once an examination is performed.

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