Ripley County Roads Headed for Improvment

October 25, 2005 – Posted at 4:12 p.m. CDT

DONIPHAN, MO -- Ripley County is getting $250,000 dollars from the Missouri Department of Economic Development to upgrade road and bridges. The state grant will be used for old Highway 142 here in Ripley County. A road that not only needs repair and resurfacing, but is key to the economic development and growth in Doniphan.

Old Highway 142 and Brooks Lane is home to three of Doniphan's biggest employers. And with money from a Community Development Block Grant...the ride to work could become a little smoother.
“We don't have the equipment to maintain them, so this money is going to help us bring them up to standards,” said presiding commissioner Bill Kennon.
The county plans to resurface and widen more than 5 miles of roadway and replace a bridge. Improvements that are a necessary precaution.
“It's going to make the road much safer for traffic that goes in and out of there every day, whether they come to the businesses here or just pass through,” said Western District Associate Commissioner Jerry Halley.
And a new road could be good for business too.
“Hopefully it will help other companies look at our industrial park and also maybe create some activity there,” said Kennon.
It's not known yet when the project will be completed. Officials say they are waiting for the right time, hopefully when petroleum prices fall.
The grant will be used in conjunction with a Delta Regional Authority Grant, as well as funding through the Missouri Department of Transportation.