Dr. Howell offers a wide selection of frames at her offices where you'll find frames for men, women and children. Unisex frames are also available. Your choice of frame should blend well with the shape of your face, as well as your coloring, lifestyle and any special needs you might have.

Lens options include anti-reflective, light-changing tints, progressive and polycarbonate. Anti-reflective coating, UV coating and scratch-resistant coatings are options you may choose. Progressive lenses are a bifocal or trifocal without the lines. Dr. Howell will inform you if these will work for your specific vision requirements.

Bifocals and trifocals are available in configurations to meet your specific needs. Configurations can be made that allow you and your glasses to work better, play better and see better. If you have to throw your head back in order to see with your bifocal, the bifocal can be placed higher in the lens.

Many eyeglass wearers have hobbies or job needs that require a special pair of glasses. Some jobs demand safety glasses. Special athletic glasses offer protection and freedom of movement for the sports-minded. The range of eyewear available is tremendous.

If your child requires glasses, allow him or her to participate in the eyeglass selection process. Sometimes this encourages a child to wear the glasses and be proud of them. If you are worried about your child's selection, then pick out three or four pair from which your child can then choose.

When you visit Dr. Howell for your next examination, you can select your new pair of eyeglasses right in the same office. Choose from a great selection of glasses while you receive personal and professional attention.

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