Wilma's Wake

October 28, 2005 -- Posted at 4:05 pm CDT

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) _ As people in south Florida endure
long waits for relief supplies, there's word that the number of
people killed by Hurricane Wilma in Florida has doubled -- from
five to ten.

There are no details yet on the five additional deaths.

Meanwhile, authorities are calling on the survivors to have
patience as they wait for food, water and other supplies.

Governor Jeb Bush says he'll take responsibility for the delays.
But he also says the people who are waiting in line for relief
should have done more to prepare.

Officials had advised people as the storm approached that they
should have 72 hours' worth of supplies on hand. And today,
Governor Bush is saying, ``It isn't that hard to get 72 hours'
worth of food and water.''

FEMA to look into complaints of supplies running out

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) _ Some people in South Florida are
complaining about a lack of food and water -- but a FEMA
spokeswoman says she's seen ``hundreds of trucks'' full of relief

The mayor of Miami-Dade county has complained that supplies
given by the Federal Emergency Management Agency are running low --
and have run out at at least one distribution center.

FEMA spokeswoman Nicol Andrews says she will look into the
mayor's complaints.

Peole who survived Hurricane Wilma are waiting in long lines for
food, water, cleaning supplies and gas. Many are expressing
frustration at the slow pace of aid.

Thousands of tourists still have no way out of Cancun

CANCUN, Mexico (AP) _ Makeshift airline counters have been set
up at a Cancun, Mexico, high school as the effort continues to
evacuate 22-thousand visitors stranded six days since Hurricane

Travelers on chartered tours are leaving first, but only
six-thousand seats a day are available out of Cancun.

The U-S Embassy says thousands had been bused to Merida on the
other side of the Yucatan Peninsula, but those trips have ended
because that airport is full. Flights are booked for a week, and
hotel rooms are scarce.

Some tourists jumped and cried for joy when told they could
leave. One woman from Mexico City says she has new sympathy for the
victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Wilma caused serious damage to the Cancun airport, slowing the
pace of operations. There are no nighttime flights.

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