From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank

October 27, 2005 – Posted at 4:32 p.m. CDT
QULIN, MO -- The technology is not new...believe it or not the original diesel engines were designed to run on peanut oil! Vegetable oil will burn in a diesel engine too but only if its viscosity or thickness can be brought down to a level similar to petrol-diesel, and that's exactly what a Region 8 company is doing.
As the price at the pump continues to rise, farmers and motorists across Region 8 are continuously searching for an alternative fuel supply and one man in Qulin may be on the right track.
Justin Suiter has been converting engines for the last five months. As the owner of Greazers Engine conversion, he spends part of his time changing diesel engines to run off of vegetable oil.
“It's an alternative fuel, it's cheaper,” said Suiter.
The environmentally friendly fuel runs less than $2 a gallon and a truck or farm equipment can be converted in less than a day.
“We take the engine and put a splitter valve on there so you can run either diesel or vegetable oil. Once your engine comes up to temperature, you can switch it vegetable oil,” said Suiter.
A tank attached to the vehicle allows water from the engine to circulate and keep the grease warm during cold weather.
“If it is in the summertime, you can burn grease that’s got fat in it, but when it's cold like this, the fat turns into just hard...hard to run so you cannot burn the fat,” said Suiter.
The conversion runs between $2,000-$3,000 dollars and the vegetable oil can be bought in tankers or recycled locally free from restaurants.
Suiter says there is a pretty good demand for the diesel conversion here in Region 8. To find out more information you can contact Greazers at 573-778-2281.
The biodegradable, non-toxic fuel improves gas mileage by more than 3% and reduces smog-forming nitrogen oxide emissions by 75%.
Interestingly enough, the exhaust fumes emitted from vehicles with the vegetable oil conversion smell like French fries.