Family Finds Lost Dog

October 27, 2005--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CDT

MEMPHIS, TN--Following Hurricane Katrina, families were forced to leave behind family members and pets. The Lewis family left behind 3 dogs in St. Bernard Parish outside of New Orleans.

"All our kids are grown so the dogs are our family," said Terry Lewis.

For Dennis his bond with his dog Dakota is especially tight.

"When I got sick with leukemia he was hollering every night and everything like they say they do, like he sensed something was wrong," said Dennis.

When Hurricane Katrina hit the Lewis' left behind the dogs with their son.

"He took care of the dogs but when it came time for him to get rescued himself they wouldn't take the dogs with them on the boat," said Terry.

The pets that were rescued from New Orleans were sent to animal shelters around the country.

"They ship these dogs all over the united states so it is very hard for you to track down your own dog," said Terry.

Since moving to Jonesboro Terry and Dennis checked websites like and multiple times a day hoping to find there lost dogs.

"They just put the pictures up there and you really have to look everyday and that is what I have been doing everyday looking for these dogs," said Terry.

But three weeks ago Terry and Dennis found one of their three missing dogs, and today they were reunited with Dakota in Memphis. The feeling of finding a loved one is priceless.

"I can't describe it, it is a rush," said Dennis after seeing his dog again after more than 60 days.

For Dennis, who continues to fight leukemia, having a faithful friend at your side means a lot.

"I got to go back to the hospital soon but this here I know he'll be back for me when I get back," said Dennis.

The Lewis family plans to continue their search for two of their other lost Catahoula dogs they lost following the hurricane.